Your Body Is Your Business: Be the Boss

What is Being Your Own Boss?

Being your own boss refers to someone who has control over their life and makes decisions without any interference from others. A person who is your own boss does not need to ask anyone else’s permission before making a decision or taking action. They are able to do what they want because they have the power within themselves. People with this type of personality tend to be decisive, assertive, independent and self-reliant.

The term “boss” usually implies someone who is very powerful, but it can refer to many different things. For example, some bosses might just be those who hold the most power in a group.

Other times it could mean someone who has complete authority over something or someone. If you think about it, there are several ways one could become their own boss:

You decide that you want to take charge of your life and make your own decisions. You might choose to work for yourself, start your own business, or even go into politics.

You may have been doing something like this all along and simply didn’t realize it. Perhaps you were working at a job that was less than fulfilling and you wanted to change direction.

Or perhaps you had responsibilities at home but felt powerless to stop them. Whatever the reason, now that you’re in control of your life again, you feel empowered enough to pursue whatever goals or dreams come your way.

You have a tendency to want to do things your way. Rather than relying on others, you take the reins of your own life and become accountable for all your actions.

You take responsibility for everything that you do and don’t let anything hold you back. You are the one calling the shots and making sure that everything gets done, not some person with power over you.

Profile of a “Boss”

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Someone who displays the traits of being their own boss could have several different traits as described below:

– Determined: They have strong motivation and won’t let anyone or anything stand in their way. If they want something done, they will make it happen no matter what!

– Goal-Oriented: They have a clear vision in mind of where they need to go and what they need to do. This vision helps keep them focused on what they need to accomplish.

– Passionate: When they believe in something, nothing will stop them from following through with it. They have a strong sense of belief which can also translate into stubbornness at times.

– Decisive: They don’t waste time wondering if they should or shouldn’t do something. Instead, they quickly decide what the best course of action is and take it from there.

– Confident: Their strong sense of self and belief in their abilities allows them to move forward without fear of what others may think. They don’t worry about failure because it’s not an option in their mind.

– Capable: Not only are they confident in their abilities, they also have the skills and talents to back it up. They aren’t bragging when they say they can do something, they can truly accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Positive Traits:

Someone who is their own boss tends to be a very positive person. Their drive and determination helps them move forward in life without regrets.

They don’t worry too much about the past or fear what the future may hold. Instead, they remain focused on the present to ensure their goals are always accomplished.

Negative Traits:

Someone who is their own boss can sometimes be a bit too stubborn at times. They may refuse to listen to reason if they feel they are right, even if circumstances prove otherwise.

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They might even become mildly delusional if they get rejected or faced with certain failure.

How to Deal with a Boss:

-Don’t argue with them. They will rarely back down from an argument unless they feel like it is not worth it.

Instead, agree with them and try to find a way to get around their original intent.

-Show respect. Even if you don’t truly feel that way, pretend that you do.

A little bit of respect can go a long way and may get you out of a sticky situation.

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